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Informational Videos

General Interest

High School Video Contest- Award Winning Videos
Real Time Rainfall and Reservoir Data 
Water Resources of Santa Barbara County (DVD available upon request)
The Water Cycle
Groundwater: Banking on the Future of Water Resources
Water From Water - Recycling


Garden Wise TV Show
Turn Your Water Down commercial
Let's Save Together commercial 
Water-wise Landscape Rebates commercial 
Stopping Leaks in Outdoor Water Systems
Adjusting Sprinklers for Conservation
Using an Irrigation Controller for Conservation
Creating a Watering Schedule
New Efficient Irrigation Technologies
How to Install a Rain Sensor 
Water Wise Grasses


Water Meter and Main Valve Issues
How to Locate Your Water Meter
Checking Your Water Meter for Conservation
Using Your Main Water Valve for Conservation

Toilet Issues
Checking Your Bathroom for Efficiency
Check Your Toilet for Leaks
How to Locate a Toilet Leak
Adjust the Flow of Your Toilet

Kitchen and Appliance Issues
Checking Your Kitchen for Efficiency
Hot Water Heater Conservation Tips
Washers and Other Appliances for Conservation


Videos for Loan  

The County Water Agency has free videos available on a first come, first served basis for Santa Barbara County Schools. To reserve a video for use in your classroom, please call (805) 568-3541 or download an order form.  

The Less Toxic Home & Garden
This video series provides information about alternative pest control methods which don't rely on pesticides and harmful chemicals. By teaching the importance of Integrated Pest Management, we can learn about natural methods of pest control. Series includes:

  • Understanding Pesticides and IPM. 14 minutes.
  • Keeping the Home & Garden Healthy the Less-Toxic Way. 16 minutes.
  • Home & Garden- Pests & Problems. 19 minutes.
  • The Healthy Home & Garden: Less-Toxic Pest Control. 25 minutes.

Laundry to Landscape
A how to video on installation of a simple, efficient, economical, and easy to use graywater system. This video shares basic information needed to install a home graywater system, including the tools, parts, installation tricks, and special situations you are likely to encounter. 90 minutes.





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