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Informational Videos

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How to Check Your Drip System (2:54)
How to Check Your Sprinklers (3:26)
How to Check PVC Breaks (1:24)
How to Check Drip Tubing Breaks (0.54)
How to Use a Watering Calculator (8:27)
Using the Watering % Adjust on a Sprinkler Timer (4:05)
Garden Wise TV Show Series (20-40 min. episodes)
Stopping Leaks in Outdoor Water Systems (1:45)
Adjusting Sprinklers for Conservation (0:49)
Using an Irrigation Controller for Conservation (1:41)
Creating a Watering Schedule (1:13)
New Efficient Irrigation Technologies (2:55)
How to Install a Rain Sensor (3:27)
Water Wise Grasses (5:19)


Water Meter and Main Valve Issues
How to Locate Your Water Meter (1:19)
Checking Your Water Meter for Conservation (0:57)
Using Your Main Water Valve for Conservation (1:03)

Toilet Issues
Checking Your Bathroom for Efficiency (1:20)
Check Your Toilet for Leaks (1:31)
How to Locate a Toilet Leak (1:17)
Adjust the Flow of Your Toilet (1:42)

Kitchen and Appliance Issues
Checking Your Kitchen for Efficiency (1:15)
Hot Water Heater Conservation Tips (1:15)
Washers and Other Appliances for Conservation (1:03)

General Interest

California Urban Water Conservation Council Video Library
High School Video Contest - Award Winning Videos (30 sec. each)
Real Time Rainfall and Reservoir Data (2:37)
Water Resources of Santa Barbara County (21:12)
The Water Cycle (10:16)
Groundwater: Banking on the Future of Water Resources (13:04)
Water From Water - Recycling (20:38)


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