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Curricula For Teachers


Various classroom curricula focusing on different water issues are available to teachers throughout Santa Barbara County. There is a small fee associated with obtaining most of these materials. Ordering information is listed for each curriculum guide.

Grant Opportunity

Care For Our Earth
K-12 teachers can apply for this $250 grant to fund activities, field trips, or supplies that will help you teach your students about water education, water conservation, energy efficiency, or traffic reduction. The Care For Our Earth grant application is simple and due on December 13, 2013. For more information, visit the County Office of Education web page.

Curriculum Guides 

Lesson Plans from the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (K-12) 
The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC) offers a number of lesson plans focusing on various agricultural issues. Lessons and units are correlated to the frameworks for California Public Schools and have been written, field tested and reviewed by educators. Cooperative learning, individual and group problem solving and critical thinking activities encourage students to "construct" their own knowledge about agricultural concepts while developing skills in science, mathematics, English/language arts, history/social science, health/nutrition and the visual and performing arts. For more information, including downloadable lesson plans, or to order print copies, please contact CFAITC at (800) 700-AITC or

Ground Water Education (7th-12th)
This package offers lesson plans and materials that focus on groundwater, aquifers, and groundwater pollution. Laboratory sessions, classroom activities, reproducible worksheets, overhead masters and background information is included in the Teacher's Guide. The California Ground Water poster is also included. $25.00; 1995, package format. To order, please call (916) 444-6240 or order it at the Water Education Foundation

Turning the Tide on Trash: Marine Debris Curriculum
This learning guide on marine debris from the EPA presents a "How to use...," section, matrices of activities by learning skill and by subject, and a litter survey called "Let's Talk Trash." Each unit has several activities included, each with a subject activity, an objective, vocabulary list, materials needed, learning skills to be developed by the activity, and an estimated time to complete the activity.


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