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Restaurant and Lodging


Restaurant and Lodging Water Conservation Programs  

How does being green translate to your bottom line?

According to the “Green Hotels Association” when water and energy saving programs such as Towel Hangers, Sheet Changing Cards, and Restaurant Table Placards “Water Served on Request” messages are introduced, there is a reduction in the utility bills.

You can expect at least 70% of guests to participate. Just those efforts can save 5%, or more, on utilities alone.


Water is Precious


Towel Hanger, Sheet Changing Cards, and Water On Request Table Placards are available at no charge to you!  


A training video explaining the program for your staff is available in English and Spanish.


The cards get guests involved in your environmental program helping protect the beautiful destinations we all love to visit.



Don’t know where to start?

The Network of Santa Barbara County Water Providers have staff available to come to your business and evaluate the ways water is used within your facility and can recommend ways that you can be more efficient.

These are just a few water-saving ideas: low-flow showerheads, 1.0 gallon aerators, serving “water on request only” in restaurants, 1.6 gpm dishwashing valves, low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, and linen and towel cards.


Saving water and energy saves money.

Contact your local purveyor or the Santa Barbara County Water Agency if you would like to receive the cards, video and associated materials for this program.


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